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Oklahoma's Adult Party Place
Be Bad ... I Won't Tell

Welcome to Oklahoma Kink Group "OKCKINK" We want to offer a place where all alt. adult lifestyles can have a place to party together, meet others and learn new things. We host parties every two weeks in the OKC area.  These are Private Parties and they must be RSVP'd for in order to attend. These functions are adult in nature and you must be 18yr or over to attend.  Events are BYOB and you must be 21yr to drink.  Drugs and underage drinking are prohibited those under 21 are required to wear a wrist band.  There is also a Yahoo group that we use for daily conversation and messages if you would like to check it out and join us please do at:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OKCKINK/

A little about the group, what we do and who we are:

Simply we are a group of friends that get together and throw parties.  They range anywhere from WILD to mild, it all depends on who comes out to play and how active everyone chooses to be.  What happens at the party is completly up to you.  We have: Swingers,Voyeurs,BDSM,Gay/Lesbians,if it's kinky or alt.lifestyle you are welcome to come out and be yourself.  We have just moved into our permanet play space, We have 3000sq/ft of Party room. There are three main areas of the party: There are rooms to swing in, a seperate mingling area and food, and a dungeon, well equipped to meet most bdsm needs.  We understand that people are not into everything that may go on at these parties and keep the play area's seperate for that reason. We also keep a safe zone for mingling where there should not normally be anything going on but socializing if you need a break.  If you have any questions you can reach us on the contact us link at the top of the page.